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The Best Villas in Crete
  • We collaborate only with villas that meet  the expectations of the most demanding customers.
  • We offer the best villas of the area. All properties that are offered to you have been inspected by ourselves.
The Best Online Rates
  • We offer the best online rates.
Our flexibility
  • We have the flexibility to answer very quickly to your questions or enquiries.
Our Communication
  • We have installed free online talk with SKYPE.
Instant Live Reservation
  • We are using an online secure system to proceed with your booking.
Our terms and conditions
  • We have a very clear booking policy.
Our service
  • We offer a full service, from the time you choose to book till the time you depart from the property.
  • We can provide any type of service to make your stay comfortable (hiring a car, organizing private boat trips, organizing private yacht trips, organizing private chefs).
Our personal experience
  • We are a reliable and well established company specialized in villas, with an experience of over 15 years.
Accurate information
  • All details that are mentioned for each villa are accurate.
Privacy Protection
  • We respect your private details by protecting your personal data.